Debord naked city

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Debord and Intertalent. Fascinated by the potential of aerial photography, especially in mapping how capital was rationalizing urban space in Paris after World War II, Guy Debord and Asgar Jorn offered a deliberately nonrational, resistant optic on the modern city—a psychogeographic view, one that revealed the psychic impact of the city on its pedestrians. The Naked City fig. Debord cut the Plan into nineteen chunks, thereby banishing any trace of an urban grid.

Guy Debored, The Naked City, 1959


Two maps plot the alternatives as Debord and his allies envisioned them. As its noir title suggests, The Naked City is a forensic map: it emerges from pavement-pounding atmospheric sweeps of the city during which the cartographers sniff out evidence, follow hunches, and adjust their routes on the fly. Like the forensic maps in our later commentaries, maps of chemical spills and drone strikes, it is the result of hardboiled research meant to be activated in a public forum inhabited by victims, suspects, and perpetrators. There is, however, a crucial difference between Situationist and forensic counter-maps. Rather than simply displaying information, Situationists invite citizens to generate it for themselves by maximizing their experience of a dense and fluctuant space-time.

Theatre Journal

As research for my photographic practice I am continually thinking about how others have adopted different approaches to walking. Previously I have mentioned Baudelaire and his highly influential notion of the Flaneur. The Situationists have also made an important contribution to the theoretical development of walking with Psychogeography. The situationists were a group of avant-garde artists that came together in , led by the Marxist Guy Debord.
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