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Metrics details. Poorly differentiated anal neuroendocrine carcinomas ANECs are rare lesions with poor prognosis, and the molecular etiology is only partially understood. At our institution, we have treated and followed a patient with such a rare ANEC. He had primarily surgery followed by three rounds of repeated surgery for loco-regional recurrences. He also received three different combinations of chemotherapy and external beam radiation.

Rectal NET Tumors

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Unclear smaller polyps in the rectum may represent a pitfall — if they do not look like perfectly typical hyperplasia or small adenomas, then carcinoids should always be considered. These are usually yellowish or glassy, but they may also be reddish or have reddish components. If they are simply excised with forceps or a snare without an injection underneath them, histology will show a neuroendocrine tumor NET; formerly called carcinoid , and the grading is usually also G1, but the completeness of the excision will be doubtful. Otherwise, there is a risk of a prolonged follow-up period with biopsies; the scar is often no longer visible, and it is not uncommon for usually pointless but elaborate and costly sectional imaging procedures or scintigrams to be undertaken. It is therefore important to consider NET with this type of lesion, take a biopsy and then either carry out the resection immediately or electively with one of the above-mentioned procedures. A small, yellowish submucosal tumor, with a superficial scar following a biopsy Fig. A large, glassy polyp, just under 1 cm in size, with a structure resembling a hyperplastic lesion Fig.

Anal cancer and anal canal cancer

It depends on your individual condition, type of cancer, treatment and level of fitness. Some of the statistics have to be based on a small number of people. Remember, they can't tell you what will happen in your individual case. These figures are for people diagnosed between and Please remember , this doesn't mean you will only live 1 year.
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