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Singer Album Song Title. Birthday Sex Remix Lyrics by Ludacris. Come on Over Skit Lyrics. Ho Lyrics. Ho Skit Lyrics.

Jeremiah - Birthday Sex (Remix) Lyrics


Brooke: you know what today is? Fabolous: Of course i know what today is Its your birthday, I bought you a gift Brooke: what? Fabolous: Me Look what I got you Brooke: oh my god can i have it. Fabolous: My shawty called me like you know its bout to come come come come I said your friend shit let me come get some some some some She said your stupid boy I'm talkin bout my birthday day day day I need some good dick in the work way way way way Its going down, No hesitation Its time to eat, pussy reservations Them chocolate lips got me wanting Hersey kisses Come blow my candle girl, then make your birthday wishes. Brooke: It's my birthday, so you know you want to hide out Wanna stay indside with you even if its at my house Sip that southern boy dont spill it on my gowen I feel good but i want you to make me cry out.

Birthday Sex (Remix) (Female Version)

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You know what today is? Of course I know what today is. It's your birthday, I bought you a gift What Me. Look what I got you Oh my God A lil something My shawty called me like you know it's bout to come come come come.