Chanel west coast weight loss

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Chanel West Coast on Ridiculousness | Chanel west coast, Chanel west coast ridiculousness, Celebs

Chanel West Coast is all legs, no pants, and unbuttoned for some major "Ridiculousness" energy. The year-old rapper and MTV face, who recently admitted she can't remember which series the show has reached, today updated her Instagram with a brand new promo post, showing off her killer legs and one edgy gen-z-friendly look. All smiles and opening wide from the set, the "No Plans" hit-maker even asked fans to pick their favorite between the two images, ones seeing the L. Scroll for the photos.

Chanel West Coast Weight Loss

Chanel West Coast likes to keep fans involved in her life. In turn, fans aren't shy to speak up about what they see in the hip hop star, both good and bad. Recently, Chanel got called out for potential plastic surgery after sharing selfies where people wondered what she did to her face.
While we sit here eating our breakfast donuts, Chanel West Coast is already at the gym squatting heavy and getting her cardio in. She subscribes to a philosophy that often gets a head shake from trainers, but any average person will really love: she works out purely so she can eat. And she looks good doing it! Certain celebrities seem to put more of an emphasis on food than exercise.