Cute anime demon girl

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Girls who are crazy, or evil… A whole lotta devilish girls. This is a side effect of her Quirk power which allows her to excrete corrosive acids. Mina is quirky b-dum tss and her esoteric design reflects this naturally. However her true form is a tall mature woman with dark narrow eyes and a more demonic hollow-helmet.

succubus & demon girl

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Generally I do avoid putting new anime on top 5 lists, particularly as I have no idea how the characters will change or develop as the series goes. She is seriously cute in a reserved and serious kind of way and honestly she just makes me want to hug her. Besides, the horns on the head-band are what really gave her the place on the list. A demon concerned with keeping up appearances who knows how to accessorise totally deserved a spot on the cute anime demon girl list. Affiliate Link — Nendoroid.

Demon Girl "Shimmer"

Tired of the regular old human anime girls? Live a little dangerously and check out our list of the 15 best anime demon girls. Even the demon girls of the anime world are not immune from the long tendrils of the fan-service machine.
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