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An older story I came across. I hope everyone likes it. Kara quietly opened the door and looked into the almost bare room. Her tight baby blue tank top hugged her full breasts and clearly showed off her hard nipples. The short shorts were just as tight and pink in color with a white stripe running along the hip line.


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It really shows in this clip. She gets to choose at the end of the shoot. To get paid her fee, or triple it if she comes back in a month for a second shoot. Simply relax and close your eyes.


It stops being free at midnight PDT so dont miss out. Guided masturbation. Being told how to touch yourself, where you can touch yourself, how quickly you can touch yourself? Yes please. Begging to put your fingers inside yourself or even to touch your clit but your dom says no?
Lately when I need a go to fantasy to get right to the edge quickly this is what my brain thinks of. But as luck would have it, this cute guy walks up to me and begins talking to me. We talked for some time, getting to know each other a bit, and before I know it the place we are at is closing.