Naked denmark

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A year ago I visited the headquarters of the Danish public broadcaster DR to film a piece about the international success of their dramas Borgen and the Killing. The two protagonists in those series were strong, feisty females who took no nonsense from anyone. So it seems a little surreal to be back in Denmark now to talk to the same broadcasting company about their new show, called Blachman, in which a woman is required to stand naked in front of fully-clothed men and to remain silent as those men talk about her body. Yet it makes uncomfortable viewing.

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Only a few in the audience of to year-olds raised their hands. On a stage before them in a heated studio in Copenhagen stood five adults in bathrobes. There was a brief moment of silence, as faces turned serious. Having discussed it for days before in school, the children knew what was coming next.

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I like my breasts very much as they are now. Not sitting quite straight in this picture. I still hate the armpit fat, though.