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From Euphoria to Moxie, a new generation of films and shows are tackling thorny issues while bringing diversity and political awareness to the halls of high school. Unshackled from box office expectations and conventional wisdom, streaming services, with their near-bottomless wells of cash, have made a virtual cottage industry of the once-flatlined teen movie. But its base unit remains the comedy set in a suburban high school. These films were popular, enjoyable, and remain, for many, beloved; they also focused overwhelmingly on straight, white characters, and are laced with casual homophobia or sexism. With the exception of Ridgemont, which was written by Cameron Crowe and directed by Amy Heckerling, they were directed by white men. While the 80s had the Brat Pack movies, the 90s saw its own teen movie boom, particularly in the second half of the decade, after Clueless, Scream and the sleeper hit The Craft demonstrated to studios the audience demand for films about teenagers, of any tone.

Rebels with a cause: how teens on screen grew up and found their voice

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I Just Learned A New Way My Teens Get Nudes They Never Asked For

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