Sex with eel

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Catadromous eels enter fresh water as sexually undifferentiated glass eels and develop into males and females before migrating back to sea as silver eels. Females develop ovaries directly from the ambiguous primordial gonad whereas males pass through a transitional intersexual stage before developing testes. Eels have sex-specific life-history strategies. Males may grow faster than females initially, but this difference is soon reversed and females attain a greater age- and size-at-metamorphosis than males.

Eels Don’t Have Sex Until the Last Year of Their Life

Evidence for Environmental Sex Determination in the American eel, Anguilla rostrata | SpringerLink

Segui le ultime notizie e i progetti sulla Covid e la risposta della Commissione europea al coronavirus. The European eel shows a sex dimorphism in growth. Females grow larger and thereby reach a better marketable size compared to males. In eel farm the majority of the stock develops into males. From all environmental factors possibly involved in the induction of sex, water temperature may be crucial. It has been considered of great economic importance if sexual differentiation of eel could be controlled in such a way that all female hatchery populations can be obtained.

Tuna - maturation and identifying sex

Tuna start their lives in fresh water capable of becoming either male or female - the sex they finally become is dependent on the environment and circumstances. As an eel grows, the sex organs testes in males, ovaries in females can be seen as thin lines of tissue running along the backbone inside the body cavity. The ovaries of large female eels contain millions of eggs: for example, a 1 m long longfin female would have about 4 to 5 million eggs, while a 1. In both long- and shortfins, female eels are much larger than males.
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