Sexual abuse of girls in ecuador

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Government representatives from Ecuador refused to attend the hearing. This marked the start of more than a year of the Vice-President sexually harassing and abusing her. Not knowing who else to turn to, on December 12, Paola intentionally ingested white phosphorus, a poisonous chemical, on her way to school. When her classmates discovered what happened, they took her to the school infirmary, where the same school officials who abused, harassed and intimidated her refused to get her the urgent medical care she needed, or even to notify her parents. The Ecuadorian government failed to follow through with any legal action, and in , after almost six years since the offense took place, the criminal court dismissed her case, leaving the crime unpunished and both the Vice-Principal, school doctor and others responsible free with impunity. Ecuador before the Commission in September , in order to hold the Ecuadorian government accountable for its failure to address sexual violence in schools and to ensure access to justice for sexual assault survivors.

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School-Related Sexual Violence and Young Survivors’ Struggle for Justice in Ecuador | HRW

Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Download the full report in English. For decades, Ecuador has failed hundreds of children and adolescents, impacting their right to education, their right to be protected from violence, the integrity of their sexual and reproductive rights, and their right to redress.

Landmark case held on alleged sexual abuse of Ecuadorian schoolgirl

Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. On a June day in , Ruth Montenegro said goodbye to her daughter, year-old Valentina, as she headed to school. But she never made it to orchestra practice.
He was When, at 15, Paola discovered she was pregnant, the school doctor agreed to perform an abortion on the condition that she have sex with him, it is alleged. Paola subsequently attempted to take her own life, yet the school failed to get immediate medical help.