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Skip to content. Sweden has asked its citizens about their sex lives. Photo: Depositphotos. The Local.

Love and sex in the Swedish media

Prostitution in Sweden - Wikipedia

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Prostitution in Sweden

Metrics details. Sex as self-injury has become a concept in Swedish society; however it is a largely unexplored area of research, not yet conceptualized and far from accepted in the research field. The use of sex as a way of affect regulation is known in the literature and has, in interviews with young women who sell sex, been compared to direct self-injury, such as cutting or burning the skin. The aim of this study was to investigate the self-reported frequency of sex as self-injury and the association to sociodemographic factors, sexual orientation, voluntary sexual experiences, sexual risk-taking behaviors, sexual, physical and mental abuse, trauma symptoms, healthcare for psychiatric disorders and non-suicidal self-injury. The study was questionnaire-based and the response rate was
The background to the investigation that would lay the foundation for the Swedish sex purchase law was the growing sex industry which had organized itself in Sweden during the seventies. He warned that the focus in the debate about prostitution had been displaced from the gender power analysis to the individual who makes an independent choice. Women politicians tried to convince their male colleagues to speak positive about the law because they assumed more people would listen then.