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I was a theatre geek. But I went to a school where [people were] into sports and jocks, alpha male and cheerleaders. They only gave praise to you in and around the performance that you did. I wanted to master that. I like staying wound tight at the beginning [of this movie] and finally being able to let loose was a lot of fun. I choreographed it.

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When he sees his high school crush, Tori Frederking Teresa Palmer , at the mall where he works at a video rental store, Matt becomes obsessed with trying to get a date. After learning that Tori is working in finance, he lies and tells her he works for Goldman Sachs at his non-existent L. After tramping from party to party and bonding as they go, which eventually leads to yard-hopping in Beverly Hills and sex on a trampoline, Matt decides to tell Tori where he really works. Surprise, surprise: she feels betrayed and used, and he spends the rest of the movie trying to win her back, stumbling over a series of roadblocks, like narrowly escaping being arrested by his own father for grand theft auto and drug possession. Grace as Matt Franklin is playing a less charming Eric Forman, aged 10 years.

Take Me Home Tonight

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The screenplay was written by Jackie and Jeff Filgo , former writers of the television sitcom That '70s Show , of which Grace was a cast member. Shooting began on the week starting February 19, , [4] in Phoenix, Arizona. The title comes from the Eddie Money song of the same name , also played in the theatrical trailer and on the menu screen of the Blu-Ray and DVD releases.