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This caused him to get depressed whenever Yuzu wasn't around and angry if there is a boy that he thinks getting too close to his daughter. Yuzu is shown to get occasionally annoyed by her father due to his goofy nature, often smacking him with her paper fan whenever he does something foolish. Both are very close with each other, always supporting one another when either of them are depressed of something. Sora became Yuzu's teacher after she begged him to teach her Fusion Summon.

Yuzu hiragi

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ARC-V anime. Yuzu and her counterparts are originally a girl named Ray whom Leo Akaba wants to resurrect to stop a Duelist named Zarc. Yuzu has blue eyes and dark pink hair, which she wears tied up in pigtails, clipped down by blue, spherical hair clips. Her hair also features two lighter pink bangs that fall to the side of her face. Yuzu's outfit consists of a sleeveless light-blue and white shirt with a musical note on the right collar, along with a red tie, which she wears with a dark red skirt and dark stockings. Her skirt is lengthened in the dub to cover the bare skin showing on her legs.

Yuzu Hīragi/Relationship

ARC-V anime. She is childhood friend of Yuya Sakaki and gives powerful pep talks. Her father owns You Show Duel School , the Duel school that she and Yuya attend, where they spend their time honing their Dueling skills. She functions as the straight man in comedy acts with Yuya.
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