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A Duke University freshman who appeared in porn movies to pay her college fees, has hit back at reports claiming that her parents are upset with her decision. Miriam Weeks,18, who performs under the name Belle Knox, told the Daily News that her father, Kevin Weeks, was not heartbroken after he learned of his daughter's film work. I want my family left out of it. If people criticise me that's one thing, but leave my family alone," said Ms Weeks. Weeks said she was upset by a Daily Mail article which claims that her parents, devout Catholics from Spokane, "have been 'floored' by their daughter's decision to turn to porn". Amana Minor, the mother-in-law of Miriam's brother Paul, told the Daily Mail what the teenager did is a "a tragedy in the family.

Miriam Weeks

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Porn star "Belle Knox," who attends Duke under her real name Miriam Weeks, has been a media sensation over the last week after one of her fellow Duke students outed her after he recognized his classmate as the same woman from one of his private browsing sessions. Weeks defended her decision about how to fund her education at the XOJane. Since then, she's fired back at the Daily Mail, insisting that her devout Catholic parents are "not heartbroken" in a new interview with the New York Daily News. This is a story that probably isn't going away anytime soon. Duke is one of the most prestigious and expensive colleges in the country and it's a major accomplishment that she got admitted. The Weeks family has three kids around college age and keeping their daughter in a school like Duke is a huge financial burden. Add in sex and a military service angle and the national media has a perfect storm of a story, one that combines several hot topics guaranteed to generate ratings.

Duke University freshman, porn star graduated from Gonzaga Prep

Now that Miriam Weeks has become the most famous Duke University skank since Crystal Gail Mangum , we have ourselves quite a "teachable moment" for other wannabe sluts thinking about doing porn as Belle Knox over Xmas break. Here are some lessons Miriam Weeks really should've followed So Miriam Weeks thought she had the perfect plan: choose a pseudonym Belle Knox , guzzle some jizz on-camera over Winter Break, get paid, and return! What could possibly go wrong? Well, plenty, if you have a very recognizable profile like Miriam Weeks :.
A Duke University freshman starring in pornography films to help finance her expensive education is a Gonzaga Prep graduate. As a student at Gonzaga Prep, she earned accolades for her public service work and volunteerism and top honors in foreign languages. She participated on the debate team while attending the private high school. She is the youngest of three children.