Money Back Guarantee

If after 90 days (Less 10 days), of placing your ad with EzcarsandTrucks (from the date charged as per your PayPal or Credit Card receipt), you have not sold your vehicle, you need to submit a notarized copy of your title or ownership within 10 days of the 90 days (of that PayPal or Credit Card receipt), showing you still own the vehicle.

“Note” if no photo was submitted within 30 days of your ad placement (and PayPal or Credit Card receipt), this Guarantee becomes null and void. Otherwise all customers asking for their money back within the specified time frame will receive a full refund if requested.

Should you still wish to keep your ad posted, instead of getting your money back, with our access to financing, your ad will remain posted until sold. Administration only removes ads from this site once a refund is issued, or if it’s content is found to be “non-relevant” to a properly purchased ad. The purchaser is otherwise responsible to remove their own ad after the vehicle is sold.